Blogtober #1 – Reaching the End of the PBQs!

What is a PBQ? Before I get into the details of the end of this PBQ cycle, I’d better let you know exactly what I’m talking about! A PBQ is a Paper Bag Quilt, so named for the paper bag containing quilt blocks made by several people and mailed or delivered to each in turn. At the end, all the blocks are put together to make one final quilt essentially made by everyone. Each paper bag has directions as to what you should be doing – size, colour, design …. anything you need to know to get the block made.

As I mentioned, I’m working on the final blocks for a PBQ that I’m participating in right now. This cycle has been going on for just over 12 months – we have 12 participants and we have a month to get it done. The one I’m working on now is for a 10.5 inch block with a hummingbird design and/or a floral block of any design. Most months we’ve all made two blocks. I researched some hummingbird designs and really wanted to make an embroidered block. I’m certainly not proficient in embroidery nor have I done any in a very long time so I learnt a few things along the way, mainly to use a hoop to minimise the puckering. I also used some self-adhesive stabiliser.

After tracing the sections onto the fabric I outlined each with my free motion darning foot. This looked really messy but it was easy to smooth out the lines once I started filling each section. I was really pleased with the final result but I found that the thread bled when I washed away the tracing pen. I used some Gutermann 30 variegated thread – now I know it’s not colourfast! It’s not too bad and looks a bit like a halo so I’ll go ahead and put the border on the block to make it 10.5 inches.

I’ll go into more detail about this whole PBQ cycle in later posts but I’ll mention here that I’m also doing a copy block of each of the PBQs I’ve made. I have selected blues and teals for my “copy” PBQ and I use the process to do a trial before making the block/s for everyone else.

That’s all for the first post for Blogtober! I’ll be back tomorrow for another chat.

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