Blogtober #7 – Birdsville.

I was excited this morning to see that the Westknits MKAL Clue 1 had dropped. I immediately downloaded it onto my phone before I even got out of bed. Once I had read the beginning of the clue, I stopped there because I knew I wasn’t going to get to start it at all today. I had plans for the day and had to wait a bit longer.

First up today, I went to a friend’s place for a sewing day. I had been wanting to have a go at her Sweet 16 quilting machine and decided that I would start quilting on my Flying Fish Kits Birdsville quilt. This quilt top has only been finished for a couple of months, though it had languished for a long time in an almost complete state. Great, I’ve decided on what to do, and now I just had to get it sandwiched. It took a couple of goes at pinning because I was lazy on the first go and had a huge pleat on the back. So off come all the pins and I had to start again. I can say that my fingers were not very happy with all that pinning!

I did finally get to the Sweet 16 and managed to stipple the whole centre of the quilt and stitch around all the felt pieces. I don’t think the Sweet 16 was much better than my Janome MC6600P except that it was easier to move the quilt around than with a normal domestic machine throat. I’m glad I got that done and I’ll finish the border sections with rows of straight line stitching on my Janome.

After racing home, we went out for a few drinks with friends and then ended up at the local golf club Chinese Restaurant for dinner with another couple. It’s now time for bed but I’m going to put my MKAL bag right next to the bed so that I can start first thing in the morning.

Thanks for checking in with me. I hope you had time to get some crafting done! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. 😊

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