Blogtober #14-#17 – Cakes and Parties!

I put Blogtober on hold for a couple of days because I was very busy on Friday and then away until today. So buckle up, because today’s blog could be a large one!

On Friday, I spent most of the day making a Rainbow Unicorn Cake for my gorgeous 4yo granddaughter who is into both rainbows and unicorns and requested one such creature. It’s now a tradition that I make the grandchildren’s birthday cakes and I think I like doing it. I’m not going to lie, it’s quite the slog and a bit stressful wondering how it’s going to turn out but I love the end result. For inspiration I hit Pinterest and found this wonderful example. Clicking on the pic will take you to the pin.

Armed with my new 9 pack of Dollar Sweets food colours (including teal!), ingredients and various tools, I set out making the cakes. I had also enlarged the picture and printed it out at the size I intended to make the cake. I must be running out of black ink because the black and white print looked decidedly pink. I had also purchased a set of unicorn horn, ears and eyelashes from eBay.

The recipe I used was the White Chocolate Mud cake from I made two cakes – a large one and a smaller one that I intended to use for bits and made some cupcakes from the leftover batter of the smaller cake. The large one didn’t rise as much as I’d liked so I actually made another large one which I sandwiched together with the first one, using the white chocolate buttercream frosting that was included with the recipe. Once I had the extra bits (nose and neck) in the right place, I used the frosting to ice whole cake. This didn’t work so well because the frosting was quite crumbly. You can see the photo below of how the cake looked before I did the final decorating. I think it’s the white chocolate that made it that way so, to finish off the decorating, the next batch of frosting was your good old basic buttercream frosting. I covered the whole cake with a fine layer of the new frosting and it made such a difference. I then actually had fun mixing up small batches of different colours and piping the unicorn’s rainbow mane. That was so much easier than I’d expected. I must admit that lots of piping bags were destroyed in the process! How good are the disposable piping sets?

I didn’t want to run out of each colour so I actually had some icing left to pipe onto the cupcakes I’d made, to which I added rainbow 100s and 1000s. You can see the final product below in situ at the party (which was in a park). I also had to include my beautiful cupcake to show how good she looked with her new cupcake apron – see Blogtober #10. On Sunday, I was in Sydney for an old school friends get together and it happened to be my daughter’s birthday, so before I headed out to lunch I whipped up a Hazelnut Olive Oil Cake by Recipe Tin Eats that I’d had on my list for a little while. The photo shows the cake already cut into and it is a great recipe. The tin I used was bigger than recommended so it came out a little bit thinner than it would normally be. It didn’t detract at all but maybe a little drier than expected.

The restaurant we chose for Sunday was Tequila Daisy at Barrangaroo. The atmosphere was great – we could have been in Miami or Cuba, and the food was perfect. Not to mention the margaritas! I had a couple of very nice chilli margaritas and they went down very well! I’m also including some pics from the day – I took four ferries to get to lunch and back and I didn’t mind that at all. I love riding on the ferries and it was the perfect day for it!

I think that may be plenty for today’s blog, I’m tired just looking at all this! I’m home now but off again tomorrow for a couple of days so I hope to have something up again soon. Thanks for joining me! 😊

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