#1 – Catching Up!

Well, I’ve definitely been MIA the last couple of weeks and Blogtober slipped away! Things got pretty hectic after my last post. It was my husband’s birthday and we went away for a couple of days down the coast. We stayed at a lovely old pub that had been done up – The Bermagui Beach Hotel. We arrived with overcast cool conditions on Tuesday, but Wednesday was magic. There were so many whales both at Bermagui and Tathra and even seals at Bermagui. We went for a road trip down the coast further and then drove inland in a loop ending up back at the hotel for drinks on the deck as the sun went down.

Since the Westknits Mystery Knitalong has now finished, I feel comfortable sharing some photos of my shawl. The first section included a lot of binding off and casting on, five times for each stripe of colour. These loose sections were then looped together to form braids. Clue 2 added the wings on either side of the first section with garter stitch and twisted rib, and then the small cabled sections above them. Clue 3 was full of traveling twisted rib in a long thin section from either side of the cabled sections. There were also some i-cord tails worked into the antler cable but I haven’t photographed that yet. I’m now working on Clue 4 which fills in the empty bits under Clue 2 using the live stitches and picking up along Clue 3. I’m not sure if there is another section on Clue 4 because I don’t like to look ahead but I wouldn’t be surprised because the braids from Clue 1 haven’t been anchored yet. I’m hoping to get this finished in the next week or so! Stay tuned for a final reveal. 🤞

Do you like the bed runner that my shawl section is on? It looked great on the bed and I love the sashiko-style stitching along the whole thing.

Well, that’s all for today but I’m hoping to be back really soon as I have several things to catch you up on. Thanks for joining me and I hope to see you in the next post. 😊

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