#2 – Finishing and Starting.

I’m always very appreciative of where I live! It’s such a wonderful area that there is almost no need to go to resorts when one lives in such a place …. but there’s no need to cook at a resort.๐Ÿ˜

This morning’s walk was overcast but calm and beautiful.

Finishing – A few weeks back I showed you the wonderful effort I made at putting a zipper into a pair of Peppermint Wide Leg pants (a free pattern). I have now finished them and have worn them many times. I am really very impressed with these pants as they look professional! The only thing I would change is the sizing. I had to take in enough to go down at least two sizes. I didn’t have to take as much in with the waistband for some reason as that attaches to the pants which I did cut two sizes down on those. Anyway, I’m going to cut out another pair soon because they are excellent. I didn’t get any action shots but I’ll have to do that soon. I have no idea what the fabric was but I think it was from my mum’s stash. She’d passed on a fair stash to me last year when she was cleaning out. I wasn’t in love with this fabric but knew it would be good for a wearable toile, which is what these are and the fabric is perfect. And now I think the fabric is great!

Starting – I am going to take the plunge into this year’s Quiltville Winter Mystery by Bonnie K Hunter. I’ve been following Bonnie for several years now and did start one of these MSALs but didn’t get to finish it. There were lots of teeny pieces for that quilt. I still have the blocks somewhere but my quilting wasn’t as precise as these days and the blocks weren’t going together so well. I may dig it out one day and see if I can resurrect it.

Anyhow, this MSAL will start on Black Friday – 25th November, and there will be a weekly clue and instructions until January sometime. I have pulled out the fabric from my stash and will work with her recommended colour palette which I think will look stunning. The introductory PDF indicates the amount of fabric needed – I worked that into fat quarter sections as the idea is to mix the fabrics up rather than just have one fabric. I am excited to get this started since our PBQ ended. I will post about my PBQ blocks in another blog post as there is a lot to show. The blocks are amazing!

This is our silly celebration season and we celebrated my Dad’s 90th birthday with a family picnic and had lunch with my Mother-in-law for her 90th birthday. That is certainly something to celebrate! We’re also having a picnic lunch for my Mother-in-law next weekend and I’ll be making another Zuppa Inglese by special request. This will be quickly followed by the first of two 2-year-old birthday parties.

I’ll be back soon with more crafty goodness. Thanks for joining me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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